Thursday, February 11, 2016

Clydesdale House Loves Chocolat Concierge

Clydesdale House has two major loves. Coffee and Chocolate. Today the beautiful direction of Single Origin Coffee's and Single Origin Chocolate has begun to take the flavors into new territory. Now that the small coffee roaster and the small chocolatier have started their exploration and journey the consumer has a totally new appreciation for their favorite sin. Coffee or Chocolate. Groups like Chocolat Concierge seek out those leading the charge and feature their exquisite products for the collective consumer. So much more to come.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kazahkstan - Radioactive Jane - Hunter Blacke Classic

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5*star “KAZAHKASTAN – Radioactive Jane” Hunter Blacke takes you to Kazahkastan a land fraught with radioactivity from Russian Atomic Bomb tests.  Descriptive landscapes painting a vivid scene of thrills and chills with Hunter tasked to search and destroy stolen dirty bombs. Traps and treachery. Savagery outguns reason. A roller coaster of adventure told in a cold chilling narrative. Beautifully tragic.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Pierre Gruget Seeks Purity in Chocolates

Pierre Gruget a successful business man who became a Certified Chocolatier when most people would be retiring seeks to bring purity to Chocolate Making. He works only with Certified Organic materials and brings together chocolates that offer amazing tastes and a clearly healthy finish. Pierre's chocolates Chocolat Naturel are a West Coast Canada production available on a purveyor of really good chocolates. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Truely Seeking Worlds Best Chocolates

The Chocolat Concierge seems to be really attempting to bring the best options for luxury chocolates to the consumer. Chocolate has reached new heights with Chocolatiers looking for quality beans, quality harvested and naturally processed. To this there is a much finer appreciation for what chocolate should be bringing it a long way from just poor quality and badly orchestrated ingredients so frequent over the years. The advent of the Bean to Bar has brought a whole new vision to Chocolate. No longer just a confectionery (usually something with less than 60% chocolate) to fine single origin chocolate tuned with natural sweeteners and fabulous recipes. One of the world finest is a young lady and her family in Tuscany Italy who capture the essence of the highest quality bar and exquisite single pieces anywhere. Welcome the AMEDEI Chocolate Company. It is stated they literally have access to all the finest beans of a remote village in Venezuela, South America bringing the consumer a chocolate to relish, savor and engage.  

Friday, December 18, 2015

Rumble On Clydesdale Street - Burnaby BC

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Life & Times. Early Childhood. An Era long past. Super stories on how kids made their own fun, played innocently without fears, or pressures. No electronics. Just genuine innovation. Great stories for young and old. A superb look at a sector of time in B.C. history. A street that no longer exists. Now a major entrance and exit for a super highway the houses are gone, the street changed. Under the asphalt still the little kids dance. Once a vibrant neighbourhood time has changed the landscape. How kids played in the mid 40's and how they interacted. Schou Street School changed their perspective on life. They began to grow up but never lost their innocence and genuine ingenuity. Some great Christmas stories and observations in where their little worlds would take them.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Time - Reflect on Canadian with Kamienski

Jan Kamienski was indeed a prolific artist. Trained in Poland, fought in the underground as a teenager, emigrated to Canada and took up home in Winnipeg Manitoba. He became a newspaper columnist, political cartoonist and painter. Kamienski was a complete Canadian representing his province well through oils. He was shy, humble and rarely ever showed his art. Now this Christmas the family has an official Art Gallery Online of his collected works you can view, admire, and purchase. I would be looking to put a piece of raw Canadiana into my collection if it is not yet represented by a kamienski piece.
Check it out. Jan captured the essence of central Canada on canvas.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Great move. ASKINOSIE CHOCOLATES will be a feature product on These folks have an amazing story. A relatively new addition to Chocolate this family group has quickly gone to the top of the line as a Bean to Bar Chocolate operation. They represent the best in sourced beans and even have some old fashioned equipment they use that puts out one bang up variations in chocolate. A good move for both. This opens addtional exposre for ASKINOSIE and the Chocolat Concierge people have one more worthy player to work with. CHOCXO and ASKINOSIE are serious players in bringing experiential journeys in chocolate. Congratulations. The consumer will clearly be pleased.